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FAQ for Poppin Iron

FAQ for Poppin Iron

Q1: What does the Poppin retactable bristle iron do? A1: It’s a styling iron that has retractable bristles. You can use it four different ways; use it as a brush, as a regular curling iron, as a brush iron or a wand.


Q2: Does the Poppin retactable bristle iron get tangled easily? A2: No it does not. You don’t have to worry about tangling the hair any more. You simply push back the bristles button it will retract the bristles dropping the hair giving you a nice natural looking curl.


Q3: What’s the difference between the PopPin and the Brush Iron Pro V1?  A3: The PopPin is a little more easy to use. We recommend it more if you aren’t use to using curling irons. You do have to be a little more careful with the PopPin, if you touch the barrel it will burn you, unlike the Brush Iron Pro V1.


Q4: Does the PopPin Styling Iron come in different sizes other than the 1 ¼?   A4: At the moment we only have one size. We are working on getting a smaller size and one size bigger than the 1 ¼.


Q5: Can you use the PopPin Styling Iron on damp hair like the Tron Brush Iron?  A5: We suggest you do not use it on damp hair, it would work faster and better on already dry hair. It’s not like the Tron brush iron with titanium bristles.


Q6: How can I use the PopPin Styling Iron?   A6: It’s really easy to use we have a few videos up on our site that you can check out and get a few pointers on how to use it and get different styles.


Q7: How hot does the PopPin get? Does it have different heat levels?   A7: The Poppin only has one heat level of 400 degrees.


Q8: How can I clean my PopPin? Is it easy to clean off product?   A8: It’s really easy to clean. While it’s still a little warms you just grab a damp towel and wipe it off, anything on it comes off really easy.


Q9: Does the Poppin have warranty? What does it cover?   A9: The PopPin does have 1 year warranty. If anything happens to it like it won’t turn on or it won’t heat up something like that you just give us a call and we will replace it.


Q10: How do you turn on the PopPin?   A10: Turning on the PopPin is really simple. Just push up the power button. Once you are done just move down the button and unplug.


Q11: What’s the voltage on the PopPin?   A11: Universal voltage




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