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​Myths and Truths about your Hair!

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Now we have all heard different stories about our hair, but what’s true and what’s not? Often we believe most of these things because we want our hair to look amazing, so we’ll do anything. Most of the time people will have different opinions, but hey, who are we to tell you otherwise you say?! We have worked with so many different hair stylists from all over, along with hair educators. And although some of them don’t always agree on a lot of stuff they will agree on most of these myths and truths, so we’re here to break some down for you.

Myths and Truths;

1.If you don’t cut your split ends your hair will NEVER grow. Partial truth but not exactly. Your hair grows from your scalp, NOT your ends. Your hair growing and perhaps a lot, you just never notice it because you have so many split ends. Split ends cause tangled hair, therefore making you brush those tangles out, also causing breakage. Leaving your hair uneven and looking like straw.

2.Walking outside with wet hair will make you sick… Nope. Never been proven. It may make you feel chilly but never sick.

3.Curly hair can be cut the same way as straight hair? No! Straightening curly hair to cut it causes your stylist to cut into your curl pattern too much. Then your curls will look funky and uneven.

4.Pulling out grey hair will cause two more to come out? Nope, put what it can do is cause scarring, so just leave those annoying hair alone!

5.Coconut oil is great and nourishing for my hair?! NO! Ladies put the coconut oil down. Coconut oil does to the hair what tanning oil does to skin. FRY it! Tanning oil helps you get a nice bronze on, so just imagine what happens to your hair when you’re walking around in the sun with coconut oil! Just don’t do it. Find better hair treatments and uv protectors.

These are just a few examples of some myth buster we had. Make sure you do your research before you go trying something new out!

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