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Tion Silicone Hair Clip

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Not only hair stylist struggle to find the right hair clips. Your average person does too! The struggle is often, “I have too much hair for that clip.” “My hair is too thick; I’m going to need 4 clips”. Or even, “I can’t use that clip because it’s going to leave a mark in my hair!” Yeah, we all go though it. Nothing new in the world of hair. What if we told you your struggles are over!

The Tion Silicone clip has you covered. Who would have thought that something as simple as a patent silicone band could make all the difference in the world?! That’s right, a silicone band. Not only does this silicone band prevent the clip from leaving a mark in your hair, but it also has a really strong grip. Well seems like Tion has been hearing this complaint from people all over. They decided to make a game changer.

You might think, well a silicone band it’s surely hard to keep clean, it probably breaks easy and so on. But you couldn’t be more wrong. This clip is extremely easy to wash and keep clean. You’re able to use it with chemical treatments and hair dye. That’s right, even hair dye. The material does not stain. We can sit here and go on and on about this amazing clip, or you can check it out yourself and be your own judge, just don’t forget to thank us when you fall in love with it!

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Tangled Hair? Say no more!

With summer here, we all know what that means! Beach, pool, parties and more! Who doesn’t love it right? You know what we don’t like though?! Tangled, nasty, brittle hair! It’s a scary thing, especially after being in that water all day, say no more! We got you covered. There is nothing better than a [...]

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​Tion Brush Iron Pro V1

Who has ever suffered with curls that don’t last? You take what seems like forever to get that hair looking just right, and then boom a couple hours later and it’s flat again. What about all of you with super curly hair?! You know what I mean, struggling to get that one little spot that’s right on the scalp. [...]

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​Myths and Truths about your Hair!

Now we have all heard different stories about our hair, but what’s true and what’s not? Often we believe most of these things because we want our hair to look amazing, so we’ll do anything. Most of the time people will have different opinions, but hey, who are we to tell you otherwise you say?! We have worked with so [...]

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Summer Up Does

Nothing we love more than summer. If you’re living in Cali you’re feeling this heat wave! How about all of our desert hearts in Arizona and Nevada?! We know that heat makes you not even want to bother getting ready! Or better yet even bother wearing your hair down. What’s the point right?! You’re just going to sweat right though [...]

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​Summer Hair, Doesn’t mean damaged hair!

That’s right; it’s our favorite time of year! Summer! Pool parties, beach days, park days and best of all no school! You know what that means? Cute hair, crop tops, shorts and lots of sunscreen. Just because its summer doesn’t mean you hair has to endure all that damage from all the fun you’ll be having. Those hot uv [...]

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​Should I cut it or not?!

Often we tell our selves, I am sooooo sick of my hair! I just want to chop it all off, but then realize we could never do it! Why is that?! Is it because we love our long locks? Or because we just can’t picture ourselves with short hair? We hear so many say; “I just wouldn’t know what [...]

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Summer Hair Trends

What is summer 2017 looking like for your hair?! We know you’ll be out by the sun soaking up the sun. Perhaps by the pool, beach or a summer concert? Different styles for different occasions? We love to have some summer fun, even better with our hair! Braids, messy beach curls? What’s your style? Now we’ve said it before, [...]

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Who doesn’t love vibrant, bright, wild and loud hair?

Who doesn’t love vibrant, bright, wild and loud hair?! Seems like now and days it’s a must! From multiple color patterns to one single shade, it seems everyone wants in on this Semi-Permanent fad. I mean can you blame them?! Nothing screams out your personality more than an awesome hair color. What does your hair color say about you?!Who [...]

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Trendy Prom Hair Styles 2017

There are so many prom hairstyles for long hair that it can get quite overwhelming. Sometimes, the easiest and most effortless hairstyles go a long way...after all, you want the focus to be on YOU, and your hairstyle to complement your entire outfit, not take over your look! Big, loose curls and waves look totally glamorous, are super easy to [...]

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